What is the frequency of keywords in SEO?


Hi all. I decided to write an article and answer this question: “what is the frequency of queries”? If you answer quickly, briefly and clearly, what is frequency, it is, banal, the popularity of key queries. Accordingly, the greater the frequency, the more popular a keyword, which means that for such a word can get a lot of search traffic. What else I would like to add that the more queries, the harder to promote such a word. And this is logical, since we are not the only ones who have noticed this word, which means a lot of competition.


Types of keywords


As I wrote above, that keywords are divided into competitive and non-competitive, and it all depends on the frequency of queries. In SEO such words are called:


  • High-frequency queries (HF);
  • Medium-frequency queries (MF);
  • Low-frequency queries (LF).


If you reason logically, high-frequency queries are searched often, low-frequency rarely. From this came such names. To make it clear what I wrote, let me give you an example: “rent an apartment in the city center for budget prices” – this query is most likely not searched so often (low-frequency), but the query “rent an apartment in the city center” – this query is clearly sought more often, from which it turns into a high-frequency query.

Many SEO – experts are of the opinion that the best and most cost-effective way to promote medium-frequency queries. Needless to say, I myself am of the same opinion. But there is one correction, which clearly distinguishes me from everyone else. I, above all, look at the subject matter of the site to be promoted. And if the topic is not competitive, you can safely take high-frequency queries. If the topic is very popular and competitive, then the medium-frequency mixed with low-frequency words.

How can you determine the frequency? There are specialized services of Yandex and Google, as well as certain SEO software. About these things I tell in my training. So if you’re interested, follow this link.

To summarize. At the frequency you need to pay attention first. On what key queries you choose and with what frequency, depends on the speed of promotion, as well as how much financial cost can be incurred.

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