Promotion of the site without SEO

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Today to get traffic without SEO is very real. There are 1000 and 1 ways how to do it and with what. And all because Internet marketing is developing. So, what other ways are there? Let’s look below at all the possible ways to get traffic.


  • The first thing I would like to point out – it’s social networks. Why exactly on social networks. It’s simple! Remember, where there is traffic, there is money. Is it difficult to place a link to your resource in a group or in the profile of your own, and at the same time ask a dozen friends to do the same. The result – a few dozen or even hundreds of hits on your site. But, I would like to warn you, not everything is as easy as I described. Today, social networks impose many filters that block trivial spam and all possible posts to other resources. To get around it all, you have to keep track of what’s going on with social media. By the way, there is even a profession that deals with attracting traffic from social networks. You may have even heard of SMM. Yes, those are the ones who work and attract traffic from social networks. But we are not talking about this profession, although in future articles I will tell in more detail who the SMM-specialists are.
  • The second source of traffic, I would single out directory sites, forums, message boards. Something – these sites are similar to social networks. True, in terms of functionality, these sites are something else. And yes, in order to attract traffic from this source, will have to pulse to leave links in all sorts of places. And so every day. There are nuances to this method. To date, as forums, and boards with directories, moderated by what people write. Accordingly, often your link, just on the simple, may not be moderated, and therefore not displayed in the ad.

    I remember a case from my practice. How – then decided to create a website and check how much traffic to the site really bring in this way. By the way, it was back in 2013. So, created a website, found a list of top forums, boards and directories. Placed my ad, about 5-6 hours, so to speak, non – stop. In the end, the traffic was about 80 – 100 people a day for three days. Not bad, although the work and a pain in the neck.

  • The third way is contextual advertising. I can’t do without it. I will talk about it in more detail in one of my articles. Now I will only say that this method is effective, although not budgetary. But the target visitors to the site you will definitely get.
  • The fourth and the last one is e-mail marketing. Yes – yes, exactly mailing. But there is one nuance. In order to conduct e – mailing it is necessary to have its own subscriber base. A how to collect it – that’s another issue. I strongly recommend not to take databases of e – mails from general access, that is the Internet. Thus, you will do better for yourself, and become a regular spammer, which oh how they do not like.


In fact, every day people invent new ways to advertise, to attract at least a little – a little visitors to your resource. The most relevant, to date remain: SEO, SMM and contextual advertising. It is with the help of this you can gather potential customers and it is in these sources need to invest money.

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