What is SEO in the world today


Hello to all the readers of my blog. It would be strange if the first article would not be dedicated to SEO. So, what is SEO and what does it do. And most importantly, how it helps in Internet business.

According to Wikipedia, SEO (search engine optimization, SEO) is a complex of measures of internal and external optimization, to raise the position of the site in the results of search engines for specific user queries, in order to increase web traffic (for inforesources) and potential customers (for commercial resources) and subsequent monetization of this traffic. In simple terms, it is the work that takes place on the site, which eventually help the site to get to the top of the search engine. And it’s nice to be able to see your Internet resource in the top 3 sites.

What gives the fact that you are in the top? The question is logical and the answer is simple. If your site is at the top, it means it is popular, which means the site sells, unless of course it is a commercial resource. And if there are sales, it means that everything was done correctly. True, I would like to add, so to speak “otsebytina”, you should not always rely solely on SEO. After all, in the end does not sell SEO, and the site. Therefore, in order to promote the site, you first need to take care of the site, about its convenience, its simplicity, but this is a topic for another article!

So, let’s talk in detail about what work needs to be done to start getting the cherished traffic from search engines.

Internal website optimization

Internal optimization – a set of measures that are aimed at improving the internal factors of the site. What does it include? This meta – tags, content, linking and much more.

From experience, I will say that many specialists for some reason – that is neglect internal optimization. Probably such specialists live with the idea: “I will invest more money, I will get higher positions. Yes, of course this is true, but it is the internal work helps to reduce the cost of promotion. And after all this work, it is a pain in the neck, no doubt. You just need to motivate yourself that it is necessary, very necessary.

So, back to SEO. Internal optimization is not everything. You need to do a number of other works to get the coveted top.

External optimization of the site

External optimization – a set of measures that takes place outside the site. In SEO slang it is called a complicated word “Link Building”. What does this word mean? Yes it’s simple – it’s buying links. The process can be explained simply, for example:

To become popular, you need to be talked about society, that is, people. And the more they talk about you, the more you are known. Similarly, with the site, the more sites referred to you, the higher your site in search. It’s simple and straightforward.

Of course, in practice it is much more complicated, but understandable, definitely.

It happens so that the modern SEO emphasizes this process, although it is only one of the options for promotion, and not complete.

Bottom line: SEO is what any website needs. Of course, in many situations you can do without SEO. But if you want to get the constant interested traffic, with minimal investment, then SEO – is what you need.

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