Does the CMS of the site affect the promotion


Sooner or later everyone may have such a question, ranging from novice professionals and ending with the owner, for example, an online store. Recently, on a forum I read the following statement: “If your online store is created on CMS Bitrix, then you are very lucky. Saving your budget on SEO is guaranteed. Such an outright lie I have not read for a long time. This is written to attract attention, and as a rule, the Internet marketers are responsible for it.

Although, indeed, on the expanses of the Internet you can meet such a phrase as “SEO – friendly CMS”. But, today’s “experts” twisted this expression. In fact, this concept means that all CMS are sharpened to give the maximum effect in terms of SEO promotion. That is, their code, which are written engines are optimized to the maximum for search engines. But, nevertheless, the differences between the CMS are present.

  1. Filling meta – tags either manually or automatically.
  2. Duplicate content and pages.
  3. Formation of NC address of the page.
  4. Validity and “purity” of the source code.

Now a little talk about the most popular CMS, the pros and cons.

Popular CMS and their SEO optimization

I will not claim of course, but in my opinion, one of the best site management systems. Everything you need is there by default, in terms of SEO optimization of the site. And most importantly, the CMS is being worked on and persevered. With each new update engine is getting better.

The most popular CMS to date. From personal experience, I say that in the work most often get sites on this engine. Although earlier this engine was designed for blogs, but today with this CMS you can create absolutely everything, starting from a simple website – business cards, to the huge online – store. Optimized code, free distribution of CMS, a lot of free templates and plugins – that is what makes WordPress the most common CMS.

The second engine, in importance. Similarly, as with WordPress, a bunch of templates and plugins, free and much more. Although, there is a “but” – sites that make on Joomla, quite heavy, which means that the loading of the site increases. To date, loading speed of the site a serious factor in the ranking of the top.

This system is good, there is no point in arguing. But one of the disadvantages of this system – the price. Yes, this system is paid and obviously not cheap. Making sites – business cards, blogs – is not the best use of this system. If you have decided on the internet – store, then I would recommend this CMS. In terms of SEO, this system has everything you need.

Popular engine when creating online stores. Even better, this engine and created to do online – stores. In general, the system is not bad, it has its own undeniable advantages. But, as in any CMS, there are both pluses and minuses. Example: if you do not install additional modules, and use the engine with default settings, you get a “leaky” code, a bunch of double pages, not the correct NC and much more.

One last thing: I recommend you to look at SEO first, and then to the CMS. If your SEO is thought out beforehand, you won’t have any problems with CMS.

Good luck and see you later!

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