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A few years ago, I would have safely said that hosting is not the most important component in website promotion. But today, this criterion is important enough. And it affects both directly and indirectly to promote the site as a whole. So what to choose hosting for? What do I need to pay attention to? On these questions, you will find answers below.

  • Reliability of a hosting (Uptime).

Search engine or, better to say, a search robot constantly “twists” on your site, looking for new pages. After all, you need how – then in search of update your site. And the more your site, the more the search robot makes the work. It seems to be logical. As in all this history is involved hosting? It’s simple, if the hosting is not reliable, there are disruptions in the work, it eventually affects the work of the site. And the more often the search robot can not see the site, the more pages from the search will fall out. Thus will decrease the position of the site. So it is better to overpay than underpay. Quality and only quality.

  • Geography

It is very important to know when choosing a hosting, where the server. That is, if the hosting servers are located in Germany, then the download content will be one. If the servers are located in Ukraine, the output will be different. And the faster the upload, the faster the content is loaded on the site.

There are cases when foreign hosts are faster than even local ones. In this case, the choice is obvious. Moreover, do not worry if you have a German hosting, and you are located and the site, for example, in Ukraine. In terms of regional affiliation of the site will be all “ok”!

  • Email newsletter

How paradoxical it is through e-mail mailing list I learn that I need to pay for hosting. Yes – yes, all in the head is not kept. Such a trifle, but already can give a guarantee of quality. In addition to payment, can send a letter about discounts on the purchase of domains. Also a nice little thing. Therefore, I strongly recommend, when buying hosting, be sure to pay attention to such details.


What hosting I choose for my sites

I decided to write a paragraph about what hosting I use. So, I will not bore you with this hosting – This hosting is one of the top sites in Ukraine. I have been using it for about 3-4 years. During this time I had no problems at all. More positive emotions. Especially I like the funded system on the hosting. The more you pay for services such as buying a domain, hosting payment, etc., the greater the discount to pay for future services. A very nice bonus.

Very pleased with the responsive tech support. As many questions as I asked them, all answers, and, moreover, within half an hour.



I just wanted to add that the choice of hosting really need to approach with full responsibility. The better you choose, the higher you get in the search engine.

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