SEO - copywriting, is it so important?

SEO - copywriting

In my opinion, today, everyone knows or has heard what copywriting is. And many even know what is SEO – copywriting. Why do so many people know what it is? What is attractive in these two words? Let’s try to figure it out with you.

In fact SEO – copywriting is a complex and multifaceted process of writing texts. And if we are talking not just about copywriting, but about SEO – copywriting, then this writing process becomes twice as complicated. Such text complies with two basic rules.


  1. Such text is optimized for the search engine.
  2. This text is readable and interesting, and most importantly, prompts the visitor to perform the target action, which is laid down in the text. For example, go to what – a certain page or leave a request.


By following these two rules, the output is the most interesting and the best possible text for both people and search engines. And if you think it’s easy, it’s not at all. Over the years in the SEO field, I’ve seen only a few really cool and high-quality texts. And this is not due to the fact that few professionals are working in this direction. Just stick, so to speak, 50% to 50%, when writing is really difficult.

But, this is not an excuse. Any specialist in their field should strive for quality, regardless of complexity. Quality content is the goal of any copywriter. When you have both quality content on your site and interesting content, then you will have visitors on your site and it will be easy to promote such a site.

So, what are the requirements to follow when writing texts:


  • Structure of the text. The text should be a logical chain and comply with the headings and subheadings.
  • The volume of text. If we talk about SEO – the text, then such a text should be at least 3000 – 5000 characters. This rule should be taken as a basis.
  • The density of keywords. A lot of keywords in the text, as bad as little. The optimum volume of 2% – 5%.
  • Literacy. Where without this. Pleasant to read texts that have no errors, rather than the opposite.
  • Uniqueness. If the text is not unique, then claims from the search engine you provided.


These are the basic 5 requirements that must be met. Yes, they may be more, but this is the basis of the basics. If you comply with them in full, then your success is guaranteed.

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