What is website indexing?


Site indexing is a process by which the pages of the site hit the search engine google, more precisely in the search database. To put it more clearly, the index – this is a database of search engines. If your site is not indexed, it means that the pages are not in the database, which means that in search you will not see your site.

How does the indexing process? Search engines have so-called robots that look through millions of pages from different sites and make decisions, to take a page of the site in a search or not. The very same indexing by a search robot is a kind of analysis. That is, the robot looks at the content, links on the page, the image and much more. If we talk about the importance of indexing, this is one of the most important processes. Think about it, if the site is not indexed, it is logical that it and search will not be, so how can we promote what is not?


Two ways to determine the site in search engines


  • 1 way. In general – that there is nothing complicated about it. It is only necessary to direct the search engine robots to the site. How to do this? It’s easy. The more will be a mention of your site in social networks, forums and other sites, the faster the robot will find your site, and the faster your pages in the search.
  • 2 way. There are things like google webmaster. It is through these systems, you can show your site, speed up the indexing process, to see the errors that are present in the site. More about the work of these systems in the next article.


How long can a site be indexed? The question is complex, or rather it does not depend on us. Search robots can index the site for a few hours or a few weeks. This relates to how we spent the internal work on the site, as filled in the meta – tags. It is these moments can accelerate the understanding of the search robot, the site, and thus accelerate the process of getting the site in search.

To summarize: if you have conducted internal work on the site, added to the webmaster panel, then wait for rapid indexing. And after indexing, you can think about SEO promotion.

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