What is website relinking?


Relinking is the internal linking of the site between pages. Linking is done with the help of internal links. That is, linking one page to another, with links in the text. For example: in many articles, I recommend training with me, referring to the training page. This is the very same linking. By the way, with this feature, you can promote your site for free. But for some reason – something, many SEO – experts do not use this factor in the promotion. It is worth adding that the linking – is an integral part of internal optimization.


Advantages of website linking


As I wrote above, you can promote the site by using relinking. If you do everything correctly, you can achieve these results:


  1. Constantly posalyuchivsya to other pages, thus structurally linking the entire site, you can speed up the process of indexing the site. Incidentally, you want to know what is indexing the site? Then I recommend that you read the article “What is the site indexing.
  2. Improvement of the appearance of the site. This improvement is directly proportional to the impact on the behavioral factor, about which I wrote in the last article.
  3. Through the linking you can promote low-frequency words. And this is clearly a big “+”. Relinking itself saves you the budget for sharing. How can you do it? Notify me if one page has a low-frequency request. This page is requested by the other 10 pages. So you are recommending 10 pages to read this page. The searcher understands that this page is really important, and why not put it closer to the top. A simple action, but the effect is maximum.


By the way, the question may arise as to how to make it? In fact, there is no ultimate answer. Each site administrator chooses his own option. The most common options for linking – this link in the text, or, as they often do online – stores – “similar products”.

Conclusion. Relinking is very important and necessary work. If you do everything correctly and clearly, the effect of growth of the site in search results will not keep you waiting. A good position site = visitors. Visitors = money.

Here’s a simple arithmetic that helps you understand what re-linking is and why you should do it.

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