What is the behavioral factor?

behavioral factor

Behavioral factor – the actions of visitors to the page and the site as a whole. What can be included here? Entering the site, the number of pages viewed on the site, time spent, clicking on links that are given, for example, in the text, re-entering the site, or rather return to the site – all this is the same, the behavioral factor.

To date, the behavioral factor is strongly entrenched in the promotion of the site in search engines. Even more, search engines themselves, such as Google and Yandex are guided by indicators of behavioral factor. And if your site’s behavioral factor is good – you’re in the top, bad – not see you top. In addition to those that I listed above, the top is influenced by dozens of other requirements, but I talk about them in my training.


Improving the behavioral factors of the site


Behavioral factor is very closely connected with the site visit, user engagement, as well as unique and valuable content. Why on these factors pay attention to search engines? It is very simple to explain! Through these data search engines understand how valuable and useful resource for the visitor. Accordingly, as a resource with a good structure, but with poor content, then how much of a number of such sites become good for the visitors, but that means that the search engine such a site does not put on the high positions. So over these factors is necessary to work on such a permanent improvement.


  • Usability or structure: this point is more related to site building. When creating a site, you need to think about every detail in advance. It depends on this, whether a person will understand this or that button on the site.
  • Content: do not steal and rewrite content from other sites. Write unique, interesting articles, diluting with pictures and videos. This kind of content is fun to read. Your visitors will stay on a site like this for a long time.
  • Motivation and dialogue: yes – yes, this is also a necessary factor. How you dialogue with your visitors, how you motivate them to come back to the site determines the behavioral factor. Be an open-minded author and site administrator. You’ll see, the number of visitors who come to your site from bookmarks will increase significantly.
  • Links: put links to related materials. This will contribute to clickability, which means more page views. And that’s a “+”.


Conclusion. I have described the main factors that affect the behavioral factor. There are more “n” numbers on how you can improve this factor. Moreover, there are services that can help you with this. But I, recommend to be careful with it. However, this is a completely different information and article.

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