What is the best domain to choose for the site?


Domain – the basis of the site. It is by the name of the domain will look for your site. But what if you do not know what domain is better to take, for example: in Cyrillic or Latin. After all, as they say: “as the ship you call it, so it will float. And as a general name of the domain name affects SEO. These issues will be considered below.


Cyrillic or Latin alphabet?


I will not write a lot of unnecessary and pour water from bucket to bucket, so I will list all the disadvantages of the domain in Cyrillic.


  1. To date, webmaster Yandex is not very willing to add sites in Cyrillic. Or rather, the domains in Cyrillic in general is not realistic to add. And this is a big minus.
  2. If you want to create an online store, by no means take a Cyrillic domain. Yandex Market does not add stores with such domains to its database. Yes, this is not the biggest disadvantage as Yandex Market in Ukraine is not the most popular service. But no one knows what will happen, even in a year. 
  3. Google does not like Cyrillic domains much, as it does not properly index such sites. And no indexing means no site in search. It’s a bug, right?
  4. Most importantly, domains in Cyrillic are very hard to promote, both in Google and Yandex. Yes, this is my subjective opinion, and not the fact that this is true. But, I had a sad experience of promoting a site in Cyrillic. By the way, right now, enter into any search query and see what sites are in the top output. Surely in the top search results you will not find sites with domains in Cyrillic, or they will be 1 – 2. This already shows that search engines are not very willing to see a dozen such sites.


From all of the above, for myself, I made a clear conclusion – domains in Latin characters and only in it.


Influence of the domain name on SEO promotion


Earlier, about 5 years ago, for the name of the domain you could quickly break into the top for the highest frequency. Especially it was relevant to Google. How? Simple! Selected the most important keywords, such as “apartment rental”. Then the keyword was translated into Latin characters and the domain was registered. Seeing such a domain, Google automatically pulled up such a site closer to the top. And if you also spend outside optimization, the top 3 will be guaranteed.

At today’s day such a “fischka” no longer works! That is why I recommend the domain name as you like it. After all, as I wrote above: “As you call a ship, so it will float.

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