Project: Internet store of professional cosmetics

The owner of the resource came to me in 2014. The online store sells professional cosmetics. I had a task: to make the resource visitable with the help of SEO promotion.

1. the main work on the project:

  • Conducted a detailed audit of the resource.
  • Evaluated the capabilities of the project, analyzed the main competitors in the theme.
  • Worked through a semantic core, traffic-generating keywords were selected.
  • Introduced keywords on the site, as well as written SEO texts and placed on the resource.
  • Work on external factors, link building.

2. The result:

Just a month of active work, we were able to achieve the desired position in the search for Google, as well as increase the number of visitors from 10 to 150.


Checking the positions of the resource 19.02.2014




Checking resource positions 12.03.2014




Web resource traffic graph:



3. Which had an additional impact:

First and foremost, the client himself. All the work was coordinated promptly. This is what influenced the fast results.

About me:

SEO and PPC specialist with more than 10 years of experience. Founder of the school SEOpractic.