Project: internet store of car chemistry

The owner of the resource turned to me for help in May 2017. The online store sells car care products. I was faced with the task of increasing the conversion rate from the site, while reducing the cost of contextual advertising.

1. The main work on the project:

  • Conducted a detailed audit of the contextual advertising account and google analytics.
  • Found out the reason for poor conversion rates and high expenditures on contextual advertising.
  • Improved the usability of the site by rearranging the blocks and adding promotional banners.
  • Worked out the key phrases for the future advertising campaign.
  • Created a contextual advertising campaign.
  • Set up goals in Google analytics to track conversions from the site.

2. Result:

The total cost of advertising to my work was over 11000 UAH per month, with a total conversion rate of 1.49%:






After my work – the spending was 5787 UAH per month, with a total conversion rate of 5.83 percent:






3. which had an additional impact:

My work was influenced by a client who promptly provided all data for analysis.

About me:

SEO and PPC specialist with more than 10 years of experience. Founder of the school SEOpractic.